Reinforce all phase 1 transitional dentures with CSTĀ® TEMP (converted denture or new temporary denture)


CSTĀ® TEMP uses a simplified CSTĀ® technique and is designed specifically to reinforce provisional dentures for 4 to 6 months. The single 17.75" (450mm) CSTĀ® TEMP fiber will allow for 3 cable runs, which is more than enough to make your temporaries last.


CSTĀ® TEMP specifically strengthens the most fragile sections of the temporary denture ā€“ where the implant abutments are located. CSTĀ® fibers have shown to increase both fatigue and strength of denture acrylic.


Since CSTĀ® TEMP is designed to support transitional dentures, we have made it simpler and less expensive to use than traditional long-term CSTĀ®.
cst temp video

Complete a CSTĀ® TEMP reinforcement in 5-10 minutes

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