FULL DENTURES: Dentist Information

  • Denture durability is unpredictable

  • FiBER FORCE® prevents the hassles and costs associated with broken dentures

  • FiBER FORCE® bonds chemically to methacrylate-based acrylic and has been shown to make it 3 times stronger

When to Prescribe FiBER FORCE®

The acrylic resin used to make dentures is fragile. Dentures can break down from fatigue caused by continual micro-shocks while chewing. A denture can easily break if dropped, resulting in unpleasant and potentially embarrassing situations for your patients.

Now, you can prevent these situations from happening by prescribing Fiber Force dentures. FiBER FORCE® dentures are 3 times more resistant to fracture. FiBER FORCE® is significantly more resistant to fatigue break-down over time.

Though FiBER FORCE® is ideally suited for all new full dentures, it is particularly indicated anywhere traditional metal reinforcements are used:

  • Patient dentures are fitting well but are still breaking
  • A full denture combined with natural dentition in the opposing jaw
  • Thin dentures where vertical space is limited
  • Patients with strong bites
  • Removable implant-supported dentures

"Your patients don't want broken dentures - you can avoid fitting these emergencies into your busy day!"

FiBER FORCE® Advantages

  • Significantly superior fatigue resistance
  • FiBER FORCE® flexes with natural chewing
  • Significantly superior fracture resistance
  • Virtually invisible (ultra-thin dentures) to invisible (traditional thickness dentures)
  • Light weight
  • FiBER FORCE® mesh chemically bonds to methacrylate resins
  • FiBER FORCE® is industrially pre-impregnated for superior chemical bonds
  • Unique patented process and materials customize and compress an ultra-thin FiBER FORCE® mesh within an acrylic “sandwich”
  • Fast lab process without delays in processing your dentures
  • Completely replaces previous cast reinforcements in “problem” situations without any of the inconveniences of metal
  • Metal free - nontoxic - non corrosive
fracture resistance

How to get started

Talk to you lab and find out if they are already using the patented FiBER FORCE® process.

If not, have your lab call us at USA: 1-888-582-8115 or Canada: 1-800-667-9622. FiBER FORCE® is a easy to integrate and we can provide all that is necessary to get up and running with great special offers.

As an alternative, contact us to locate a lab in your area that is already processing FiBER FORCE® dentures.

Videos, Tutorials & Instructions

Patient Brochure

Print the downloadable .pdf to help your patients understand the benefits of FiBER FORCE®.
fiber force implant denture

fiber force implant denture
fiber force Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement
fiber force cst Long-term fiber implant framework system
fast splint matrix Dental glass splinting system
cst temp Temporary fiber implant framework system