Reviews on CST®

“CST kicks ass on all on 4! I want to buy the patent so no one else can use it. Have used it on about a dozen cases so far and it has cut my turn around time in half and at the same time double the esthetics over titanium reinforced all on 4. Any lose in strength over titanium is definitely off set buy esthetics and weight. Every patient has opted for CST even when I've explained that it may or may not be as strong as titanium just from the "WOW" factor when placed side by side. On second thought, forget everything I said so I will be the only one using it.”

David Long, Prosthodontic Engineer, Jeffersonville, IN
“CST allows us to offer patients an immediate full arch implant prosthesis. At some future time, some patients may have to move to a titanium solution. But with actual clinical data, we expect fiber reinforcement to last for the duration of the denture.”

Dr. Luc Chaussé, Beloeil, QC
“The use of a fiber bar has been a revelation for me. Using CST structures in my implant cases has allowed me to fix a hybrid implant case in the mouth within 4 hours of surgery. The prosthesis is final and not temporary. My patients can have dinner at night with teeth in their mouth and no pain. There are no adjustments with liners and my patients are very happy. For immediate load cases, CST has made it easier - from case acceptance - to workflow and lab time. I recommend CST.”

Éric Falardeau, d.d., Sorel-Tracy, QC
“I was very impressed with the Fiber Force CST material made by Synca. I used it on 3 screwed retained hybrid cases and the frameworks were very strong after curing. The instructional video is very helpful and I was able to make the frames without any issues!”

Jay Bissette, C.D.T., Raleigh, North Carolina
“CST® is a high quality product offering an interesting alternative for screw-retained hybrids over 4 or 6 implants. Being highly resistant, the hybrid ropes give me the possibility of creating a framework within minutes and with lower costs. That means that the patient can have the implant surgery early in the morning and have his screw-retained denture at the end of the day.”

Jonathan Beauregard T.d., BR Dental Lab, Beloeil, QC
“I have been using CST implant frameworks for a little over 2 years. I find it to be a fantastic product. Patients are delighted to have their screwed implant dentures the same day as the surgery. They are surprised with the comfort and lack of sensitivity. They are under the impression that they have new real solid teeth in their mouths. From my perspective, the process is simple and quick. The denture is completed on the same day as the surgery. No tissue conditioner is required; there are no adjustments for pain or ulcers. I consider CST framework technology has advanced implant solutions for the well-being of both patients and treatment providers.”

Denis Beauregard d.d., Ste-Hyacinthe, QC
“Synca has made a strong commitment to bring innovative and excellent materials to the dental industry. One of these innovated products is CST - an alternative substructure for implant fixed hybrid prostheses. I have utilized the unique characteristics of this material for approximately 3 and half years on multiple fixed implant cases. Each case was removed yearly for hygiene and study purposes. With no complications noted and a high success rate CST will be a key modernization moving forward in successful treatment planning.”

Tanner Doering d.d., Alberta Denture Clinic, Edmonton, AB
fiber force Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement
fiber force cst Long-term fiber implant framework system
fast splint matrix Dental glass splinting system
cst temp Temporary fiber implant framework system