Lab denture repairs

An independent study has shown that denture acrylic loses 40% of its fracture resistance after being repaired by traditional methods. Most often, repaired dentures will just break again.

By reinforcing the repair with FiBER FORCE® UD fibers, it is possible to add significant fracture and fatigue resistance to the repaired denture. A study has shown that repaired denture acrylic that is reinforced with UD pre-impregnated e-glass fibers (the material used to make FiBER FORCE®) was 58% stronger than the original acrylic and 166% stronger than acyclic repaired in a traditional method.

Comparative fracture resistance of denture acrylic repairs

Repaired denture acrylic without fiber reinforcement 46.7 N
Repaired denture acrylic with woven pre-impregnated e-glass fibers 75.8 N
Control group (new denture acrylic) 78.6 N
Repaired denture acrylic with UD pre-impregnated e-glass fibers 124.4 N

FiBER FORCE® advantages

FiBER FORCE® repairs offer additional internal benefits to the laboratory:

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