Reviews on FiBER FORCE®

“Thank you for introducing FiBER FORCE and Fast Splint to Baluke Dental Studios. FiBER FORCE and Fast Splint have been a great asset to our Laboratory. They strengthen any structure of which they make part, unlike metal substructures that actually weaken the structure it is supposed to strengthen. Metal strengtheners only hold the superstructure together when breakage occurs.

We use FiBER FORCE as a support structure inside the denture bases of all or implant over dentures. It is stronger than similarly designed metal structures and it is virtually invisible. Our denture bases can be made to a more natural contour because FiBER FORCE doesn't need to be thick and bulky to be strong. We also use FiBER FORCE and Fast Splint to strengthen our temporary crown and bridge prosthesis for all the same reasons.

The uses for FiBER FORCE and Fast Splint are only limited by your imagination.”

Duane Baluke RDT, President
Baluke Dental Studios
“It was about time that a company finds an excellent solution for an aging method of reinforcing dentures and dental structures. Fiber Force doesn’t only offer an easier, faster, more efficient and esthetic method, it also offers unlimited ways to use it in conventional dentures and even implants. Thank you SYNCA and please keep me posted for any new technology.”

Riad Monayar
Ariadent Dental Laboratory
“Great product, we have used it several times and we've always been satisfied by the quality of the product and the great service.”

Frédéric Babeux
Jourdain & Duchesneau Denturologistes
“I've been using FiBER FORCE for over a year and have nothing but praise for the material.”

Benoit Talbot, d.d., President
Denturist Association of Quebec
“Since I’ve been using Fiber Force mesh, we have noticed in reduction in denture repairs. More importantly, we have peace of mind as to the oral health of our patients. The mesh ensures the solidity of the denture while being thin, which was not possible before Fiber Force. It is easy to use and handle and we can use it in partials also, which allows us more customization options.”

Abident, Val d’or, QC
“We are using Fiber Force for complete and partial dentures. The mesh is almost undetectable within the acrylic and it is really appreciated by patients. These reinforcements add significant strength and are really easy to make.”

Guy Guillemette, Dental Technician
Thetford Denta, Thetford Mines, QC
“For over a year we have used FiBER FORCE to reinforce our dentures and partials with a great success, we are now to a point of using Fiber Force for Each and Every partial, repair and C.D.. Fast, Easy and ultimately a better product for our customers.”

Alejandro Morilla, Milident Inc.
“I have found FiBER FORCE to be the easiest, most esthetic and effective way to reinforce high impact acrylics I use in the everyday fabrication of removable prosthetics, which demand a high degree of flexural strength.”

Thomas Zaleske AS
Matrix Dental Laboratory and Consulting
“As a removable dental laboratory owner, I am always on the lookout for materials and techniques that significantly improve the quality of the appliances that I deliver to my clients. That is why I was excited to discover the SYNCA FiBER FORCE line of products…… The FiBER FORCE mesh was extremely easy to use on the existing denture…….. Unlike metal mesh, the FiBER FORCE mesh was nearly invisible because the material is translucent. The doctor and patient were highly satisfied with the result. This was one repair that never came back to the lab again….. I also use the FiBER FORCE braided rope to reinforce lower all-acrylic partials and to reinforce additions of one or more teeth onto existing partials. The material is very durable, esthetically pleasing, and easy to use. FiBER FORCE materials provide great strength but have an advantage over metal alternatives because they are thinner and allow for greater flexibility. FiBER FORCE has proven itself to be a great find for my laboratory!"

Jim Collis CDT
Collis Prosthodontic Laboratory
“In our laboratory… we are always looking for products that can make things easier while maintaining a quality end product. We do a number of implant over-bar dentures and hybrid screw-down cases. These types of restorations place the utmost amount of force on dental acrylics, and to relieve this stress we used a metal mesh. Now, instead of the metal mesh, we use FiBER FORCE from Synca. It has a lot of benefits. First, it's very easy to work with and it integrates into the acrylic seamlessly, becoming part of the acrylic, where it's hardly detected. Another point of interest is that it has some flexural strength, which allows the appliance to deform significantly but does not break, the acrylic becomes stronger. It is also useful for repairs and relines. "FiBER FORCE" has a place in our lab.”

Harold J. Clukey Jr. and Larry Clukey
Quality Dental Lab Inc.
“FiBER FORCE is an amazingly resilient material for reinforcing long term provisional restorations. Traditional fiber reinforcement can break down if exposed to oral fluid and the fibers can swell and stain.

FiBER FORCE has enabled me to have extremely esthetic and strong provisional fabricated by the laboratory for multidisciplinary cases and complex implant restorations. Even when the fibers are reduced after surgery for tissue clearance or added to as we shape gingival contours, there has been no breakdown or change in color.

A terrific material with multiple uses!”

Dr. Michael Morgan, Chicago, IL
Smiles By Morgan

“We have used this material on 12 dentures in the past 6 weeks and we are very happy with it. It is easy to use and almost invisible in the denture. We have used it for press pack as well as injection with great success. I would recommend this product.”

Ira N. Dickerman, CDT
Dickerman Dental Prosthetics
“Easy to use and very innovative!! Patients feel more secure with a FiBER FORCE in their denture.”

Vincent Acoca, Montreal
fiber force Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement
fiber force cst Long-term fiber implant framework system
fast splint matrix Dental glass splinting system
cst temp Temporary fiber implant framework system