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For strong in-office denture repairs

An independent study has shown that denture acrylic loses 40% of its fracture resistance after being repaired by traditional methods. Most often, repaired dentures will just break again.

By reinforcing the repair with FiBER FORCE® UD fibers, it is possible to add significant fracture and fatigue resistance to the repaired denture. A study has shown that repaired denture acrylic that is reinforced with UD pre-impregnated e-glass fibers (the material used to make FiBER FORCE®) was 58% stronger than the original acrylic and 166% stronger than acyclic repaired in a traditional method.

For strong Lab denture repairs

If you're not doing your own denture repairs but sending them to a lab, you can request a FiBER FORCE® UD fiber reinforcement in your denture repair.

Don't settle for a repaired denture that has lost 40% of its original strength, or for a metal wire insertion that does little to nothing.

"Your patients don't want broken dentures - you can avoid fitting these emergencies into your busy day!"

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Additional Information

FiBER FORCE® Advantages

  • Significantly superior fatigue resistance
  • FiBER FORCE® flexes with natural chewing
  • Significantly superior fracture resistance
  • Virtually invisible repair reinforcements
  • FiBER FORCE® chemically bonds to methacrylate resins
  • Fast lab process without delays in processing your denture repairs
  • Metal free - nontoxic - non corrosive

Comparative fracture resistance of denture acrylic repairs

Repaired denture acrylic without fiber reinforcement 46.7 N
Repaired denture acrylic with woven pre-impregnated e-glass fibers 75.8 N
Control group (new denture acrylic) 78.6 N
Repaired denture acrylic with UD pre-impregnated e-glass fibers 124.4 N

Kostoulas, I., Kavoura, V., Frangou, M. & Polyzois, L. “Fracture Force, Deflection, and Toughness of Acrylic Denture Repairs Involving Glass Fiber Reinforcement”. Journal of Prosthodontics, 17(4), 257-261.
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Videos, Tutorials & Instructions

Patient Brochure

Print the downloadable .pdf to help your patients understand the benefits of FiBER FORCE®.
fiber force denture
fiber force Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement
fiber force cst Long-term fiber implant framework system
fast splint matrix Dental glass splinting system
cst temp Temporary fiber implant framework system