FULL DENTURES: Denture Wearer

  • Dentures don’t have to break when they drop!

  • 3 times stronger than regular dentures

  • Ideal for most difficult denture cases

Why you want a FiBER FORCE® Denture

By choosing FiBER FORCE® for your next denture, you can prevent the unpleasant situation of having your denture break at the most inappropriate of times. FiBER FORCE® dentures are 3 times more resistant to fracture. FiBER FORCE® makes dentures significantly more resistant to the continual force applied through chewing, and therefore more resistant to breaking down over time. In the unlikely situation that a fracture does occur, you will be able to wear your denture until you can see your dental professional.

FiBER FORCE® is an ultra-thin, lightweight fiber mesh reinforcement that is custom-made and then bonded as a layer in the middle of an upper or lower denture. FiBER FORCE® is virtually invisible and adds no weight, or thickness to the denture. In fact, many professionals can now make dentures thinner and more comfortable than ever.

If your previous denture has broken, it is not because it was not made incorrectly, but because the acrylic resin used to make dentures is fragile. Traditional dentures can easily break due to shock (if they drop) or from fatigue caused by continual micro-shocks created while chewing.
fiber force denture

Why you need a FiBER FORCE® Denture

In certain situations, traditional denture acrylic is simply not strong enough. FiBER FORCE® dentures are 3 times more resistant to fracture. FiBER FORCE® is significantly more resistant to breaking down over time, due to the forces applied to the denture material through chewing.

In the following situations, FiBER FORCE® is strongly recommended:

  • If your dentures fit well and you are still breaking them
  • If you have a new upper denture and still have your natural teeth in the lower jaw
  • If your dentures are quite thin
  • If you tend to bite hard
  • If you have removable implant-supported dentures

Before FiBER FORCE®, dental professionals had no choice but to use unsightly, heavy metals to reinforce these difficult cases. Metal reinforcements add thickness to the denture, do not bond to the denture acrylic, and metal is not as fatigue resistant as FiBER FORCE®. FiBER FORCE® costs about the same as cast metal reinforcements.

Product Brochure

Download and print the latest FiBER FORCE® brochure. Bring it to your dental professional to make sure that your next denture is a FiBER FORCE® denture.
fiber force denture

fiber force denture


How can I get a FiBER FORCE® Denture?

Talk to your dental professional and insist on FiBER FORCE® for your next denture. Have your dentist Contact us to find a dental lab that is already using FiBER FORCE®.

If my FiBER FORCE® denture is less likely to break, how do I know when I need new dentures?

The denture teeth and resin base wear and stain over time. The tissues in the mouth undergo change so that the dentures will have to be adjusted, rebased or remade from time to time. This time varies from person to person and depends upon individual tolerances, habits and the length of time you have had dentures. The average life span of a denture is about five to seven years.

What happens if FiBER FORCE® denture does break?

In the unlikely occurrence that a FiBER FORCE® denture breaks, you will still be saved the embarrassment of not having a denture until it can be fixed. It is still possible to wear a FiBER FORCE® denture until you can see your dental professional, as the FiBER FORCE® fibers will keep your denture together until you can have it repaired or replaced.

How expensive is the FiBER FORCE® process?

FiBER FORCE® only adds a small percentage to the overall cost of your dentures. It is well worth the investment in relation to the increase in comfort and strength of your new dentures.

How do I care for my FiBER FORCE® dentures?

Though FiBER FORCE® dentures are considerably stronger, take the same care of a FiBER FORCE® denture that you would with a traditional denture. Consult your dental professional for specific care of your dentures.
fiber force denture

fiber force denture
fiber force Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement
fiber force cst Long-term fiber implant framework system
fast splint matrix Dental glass splinting system
cst temp Temporary fiber implant framework system