Problems with denture repairs, dentures break for a variety of reasons

  • The acrylic used to make dentures is brittle in nature and develops micro-cracks, just by chewing. (This is a good reason to make your next new denture a FiBER FORCE® denture.)

  • Sometimes you drop your denture and it simply breaks in two, or the acrylic on the perimeter of your denture breaks off.

  • Sometimes, due to several factors, the denture is subject to high forces while chewing and will break.

  • Unfortunately, repaired denture acrylic loses 40% of its original strength and resistance to future fracture. Most often, repaired dentures will just break again.

  • Note that the adaptation of the denture to your mouth deteriorates over time and dentures should be replaced every 5-7 years.

Why repair your denture with FiBER FORCE®

  • FiBER FORCE® is the ideal product to use for dentures that have broken. A study has shown that repaired denture acrylic that is reinforced with UD pre-impregnated e-glass fibers (the material used to make FiBER FORCE®) was 58% stronger than the original acrylic and 166% stronger than acyclic repaired in a traditional method.

  • If your denture has broken because it is not fitting well, the ideal solution is a new denture.

  • If your denture has broken because it is subject to high forces while chewing, a repair with FiBER FORCE® will help, but possibly the ideal solution is a new FiBER FORCE® denture.
fiber force repair

Additional Information

Comparative fracture resistance of denture acrylic repairs

Repaired denture acrylic without fiber reinforcement 46.7 N
Repaired denture acrylic with woven pre-impregnated e-glass fibers 75.8 N
Control group (new denture acrylic) 78.6 N
Repaired denture acrylic with UD pre-impregnated e-glass fibers 124.4 N

Kostoulas, I., Kavoura, V., Frangou, M. & Polyzois, L. “Fracture Force, Deflection, and Toughness of Acrylic Denture Repairs Involving Glass Fiber Reinforcement”. Journal of Prosthodontics, 17(4), 257-261.
fracture resistance

Product Brochure

Download and print the latest FiBER FORCE® brochure. Bring it to your dental professional to make sure that your next denture is a FiBER FORCE® denture.
fiber force denture
fiber force Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement
fiber force cst Long-term fiber implant framework system
fast splint matrix Dental glass splinting system
cst temp Temporary fiber implant framework system